Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Better puppy pics

Monday, September 14, 2009


I am selling these for $450 for the males and $550 for the females. I am out of a job for the time being so I hope they sell.

ADD and my experience

Noah was diagnosed with ADD when in first grade. I hated the drugs and the side effects. I researched alternative treatments and finally got the money together for them. Treatment was developed by NASA. He has been drug free since May and is doing better than every. The drugs are a communist plot to destroy and control our youth (okay MAYBE I am exaggerating)

My life in the last two years

I love this forum because it is relatively anonymous. I cam post here without worrying what someone thinks. That doesn't mean I post crap here just that I post what I want without having to have permission from anyone else. Few people know I post here. Here are my son's wedding pics. He married a terrific girl on 9/6/09. I love them more than I can say. This is a pic of my middle son and his wife at the Marine Corps Ball last year.

More updates

So I had about 150 exotic birds at one time but am down to about 20 parakeets and 8 Quakers.


I haven't posted in AGES. I am jobless but happier in many was than I have been in a long time. Drop me a note.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Update on the Cockatiels

I have 3 fledgling Cockatiels right now in addition to the 6 adults. One pair abandoned the nest after their eggs did not hatch. I think this was their first clutch and they just didn't know how to be parents. Of the 5 that hatched in the successful clutch, one the parents refused to feed (they say they do that if they know the chick won't survive) I would have handfed it but you have to do it every hour and a half for the new babies (which are the size of a bumblebee) and 99% of the time these chicks won't survive anyway. The original mated pair is yet again working a nest box and have four eggs. The youngest mated pair that also abandoned the nest have a single egg. I have not candled any yet (you put them under a really bright light and see if you can see a heart which appears as a red dot, if it isn't there, the egg is not fertile.)

I have also managed to acquire 5 Parrotlets which have totally stolen my heart, 8 parakeets no one wanted anymore, 6 lovebirds (very aggressive little creatures) and about 32 finches ( some Zebra who now have fledglings, some Society who may have hatchlings, and some Gouldians which do not seem to be interested in breeding)

My sunroom has become an aviary and I have gotten a Tax ID number and am now doing business as Wings and Things Aviary. I have learned a tremendous amount about birds and breeding.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Deli Rye Triscuits



I finally have a new baby! I am sooooo excited. It is just a little yellow ball of skin and feathers and so ugly it is cute but I love it. I have 13 more eggs that should hatch over the next week. The picture is of the neighbors baby. I can't get the parents away from the nest long enough for a pic yet but they look like twins. Those eggs you see are about the size of a nickel.


They nailed this one.

Your Ex is Dependent

Your ex is dependent on others from almost everything - and has trouble accepting responsibility.
Your ex is not able to be independent and fears being alone.
People with dependent personality disorder feel helpless when a relationship ends and need constant reassurance.
Sound at all familiar?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Why is the Black Adder so funny but Mr. Bean so irritating?

Children of Men

Big disappointment. I am sorry I rented it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Windows Vista


Dunn Brothers Coffee

There is one in Addison. They roast the beans in the store. I didn't drink coffee before until I started drinking this last year. Now I am addicted. It is awesome.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Next Husband

He doesn't know it yet but MAN! I could make him see GOD!

Dark Harbor

I saw this movie because I became an Alan Rickman fan. Movie is awesome. It is also kinda scary. It reminds me of my second husband. I wonder if kids were not involved if my life would have gone more like the movie. If you haven't see it get it. It is awesome. Slow at first but MAN what an ending!

How Sweet It Is!

What is better than getting a tax refund?

Getting your ex-husband's tax refund cause they garnished it because he was behind on child support!

Breeding Cockatiels

Here are pics of George, Pearl and Egg #1